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With the vision to bring the technology to serve people by providing practical applications to real needs. In Domoblue, we focus on R & D + i to bring technology to society, useful and accessible solutions. The result is a technology usable by people with solutions and ready to implement simply in everyday environments.

To this end, Domoblue has designed a loan management system or bike rental based on M2M technology, with communication via SMS and GPRS. This system is adaptable to any electromechanical system that is operating today.

It is currently implemented in over 40 cities (Elche, Salamanca, Las Palmas de GC, etc..). If you want to know more can consult the full map from this link.

With this system, the user signs up (you can do in the client's office or online) associating his name with his mobile telephone terminal number. You can use the SMS system, proximity card (even a bus pass) and even from accessing web with their mobile device. Whatever the method you choose, the system will release the bike to use as the user wants to return the bike, just leave it at any available point of the city and enter it in the lock, make sure the bike is locked by closing its loan.

The system is simple to use and there are three possible ways of use, flexible management for all audiences.

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