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We offer a service that allows you to know the exact location of your vehicle or equipment, in a simple and practical manner, without preoccupations. In Domoblue we have converted technology in a real solution for the people.

Its system of global localization with GPS technology lets you know in real time the exact location of your vehicle or equipment using a SMS or the internet. With its easy installation and its easy to use characteristics, with Onblue you will be able to find anything.

ONBLUE SERVICES: (Alarm systems that the onblue device sends to the mobile or the email of the client, in each case)

UNIVERSAL SERVICE: Localization service, movement alarm (determination of the area), disconnection of the battery alarm, accident alarm, towing away alarm.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE: Services included in the universal service , management of stops, management of routes, alarm referring to road safety, personalized reports, road assistance services, services associated through sectors : Insurance, Renting, Manufacturers of Mechanisms of Payment, Manufacturers of Vehicles, Loyalty Marketing, Human Resources Management.

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Domoblue S.L. - Calle Birler, 3 Esc.1 Pta.6 - 46111 Rocafort - Valencia - España - Tel 960 451 070/Fax. 960 451 070      Síguenos en Facebook