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Domotics is used in controlling any domestic systems, like lighting, domestic appliances.The Domoblue system means that anybody can use this system.
Our exclusive device is designed to suit you. Domoblue is the only domestic solution that there is for houses already constructed.

Your house will not need any modification for the installation of the Domoblue system.

  • You do not have to carry out any construction woks and there are no cables involved
  • Advantage is taken of the existing electrical installation and its elements.
  • Its compatible with whatever device that can connect to the data on the net.It communicates with the internet.
  • Its compatible with whatever device that is controlled by remote control.

We supply to you services of complete assessment and servicing. Management of the service to keep it in optimum condiciones and help to personalize the service in to get the greatest results possible.


Because you will enjoy a personalized system adapted to suit you. Because the Domoblue systemis the only system that does not require construction work and the use of cables in its installation.

Because you will save energy.

Domoblue assures you assistance in the control of energy consumption.

Because you will always be supported. Highly qualified professionals will be available at any moment to resolve doubts in the use of this system, your personal doubts, and any other queries that may arise.

Because you will live in the house of the future.


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